2020 vision

Inspired by reading other blogs, I thought I’d reread my efforts. 3 posts. Hmm, don’t know that I have the hang of this yet. Life has changed a lot in the last 12 plus months. Still not been to Sri Lanka. Went on a trip to Kerala in January – another yoga retreat with my daughter, organised by Little French Retreat https://www.littlefrenchretreat.com/home. An amazing retreat. The butterfly feeling in my tummy when I think about it has not gone away.

k2 k1

Impossible not to mention the C word (Covid, of course!) Who has not been affected by its ripple effect. Plans to move to the coast are on hold, working from home – not k3something I was ever particularly keen on, and now even less so, but the choice not to do so has been taken away, so many things we can’t do at the moment. However…..

I like that life is slower and I’ve more time to think. I am doing lots of yoga, crafting – having learned how to crochet this year after being given a kit for Christmas, I decided to start making things, starting with a scarf. Plus art – painting stones, and baking, and spending time on simple pleasures like reading the paper and playing scrabble. Taking time to cook really nice meals and sitting at the table to enjoy them. I don’t have to do these things every day, but I enjoy them when I do. The urgency to supercharge my free time with ‘things to do’ has dissipated and I’m thinking more before I plan anything and even have days where the actual plan is to do nothing!


Walks have become more interesting. Our world has shrunk yet has also become more interesting. Spring was more poignant, nature continues doing its thing whilst we look on stunned that it has not ground to a halt in the same way we have had to. The small details like really noticing how beautiful blossoms are, light shining through bluebells, the green of the trees, the scent of flowers.k5

I’ve been watching plays, reading books…I attended a full weekend virtual festival over the last Bank Holiday called “How the Light Gets In” which featured great debates and lectures on politics, philosophy and economics (the other PPE!) My husband and I have a lot to be grateful for, but underlying all that is a feeling that this is all surreal, we are living history and it’s simultaneously epic and mundane.



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