It’s the morning after the clocks have ‘gone back’. So I find myself at 7.30am on a Sunday morning – which would have been 8.30 if this was yesterday. I have an extra hour of the day. I was thinking about how in my old job working shifts, you would occasionally be caught out and technically work and extra hour for free. So I don’t miss that. I’m going to use my extra hour to catch up on reading – simple things like magazines and articles I’ve been book marking.

Today is a beautiful, clear, cold morning. I went outside early to shoo away the pigeons persistently trying to nest next door – my neighbour has been away for months so the pesky feathered fiends have taken up residence. As I stepped out there was that smell, that feeling on the skin of autumn and a mild tickling excitement thinking about Christmas and cosy jumpers, scarves and big winter coats. But for now I just want to appreciate the beauty of the leaves turning from green to gold, red, brown, an autumnal palette that makes the heart sing.


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